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Approximately 90% of your Trade Association Advocacy contribution is for non-lobbying advocacy.  WAPAC estimates that less than 10% of your contribution will be used for lobbying activities. The WAPAC Board of Directors will furnish the exact lobbying percentage when that notice is received from Dewitt Ross & Stevens.  WAPAC is registered as a 501(c)5 Agricultural Organization with the IRS.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding deductible business expenses.

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Membership Catagories

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                                                                           Benefits of WAPAC Membership: 

  • WAPAC provides a unified voice in expressing concerns and philosophy of agricultural consulting in Wisconsin
  • WAPAC promotes professionalism and credibility for consultants
  • WAPAC members receive the WAPAC newsletter, which is vehicle for communicating among consultants
  • WAPAC Annual Meeting provides opportunities for advanced training and the exchange of ideas
  • WAPAC provides a network for referral of members
  • WAPAC provides a directory of members which is available to the public

Membership Classifications

Voting Members devote a majority of their time to providing professional agricultural consulting services or technical service support to the public and meet the requirements of training and experience as stated in the WAPAC bylaws and interpreted by the Membership & Recruitment Committee.
Applicants for Voting Membership must meet one of these five requirements:

  • High School Diploma & 6 Years' Experience
  • Associate's Degree & 3 Years' Experience
  • BS Degree & 3 Years' Experience
  • MS Degree & 3 Years' Experience
  • PhD & 3 Years' Experience

Categories of Voting Membership:     

Professional Agricultural Consultant: Certified by and in good standing with a professional organization possessing a certification program and code of ethics in the field of the person's expertise.  (In cases where no certifying organization exists for a particular discipline, professional agricultural status will be determined on a case by case basis by the Membership & Recruitment Committee.  Professional Agricultural Consultants devote a majority of their time to providing professional agricultural consulting services or technical service support rather than to sales.
Academic Member: Works as an instructor, researcher, extension service member or administrator at a qualified educational institution and is certified and in good standing with a professional organization possessing a certification program and code of ethics in the field of the person's expertise.
Non-Voting Members  do not meet the requirements of Voting Members but wish to participate in all WAPAC events and receive all WAPAC mailings.
Categories of Non-Voting Membership:

Associate Member: Does not meet the requirements of a Voting Member and/or the majority of his/her income is derived from selling products/applications.  (Associate Members may request retired status when they no longer engage in the paid activities of an Associate Member as a primary source of income.
Provisional Member: Possesses all qualifications required of a Voting Member but lacks either education, certification or experience requirements of the discipline.  A Provisional Members is working toward becoming a Voting Member.
Sustaining Member: An individual, corporation or organization wishing to support WAPAC.
Student Member: Enrolled in an accredited college or university.  Students may remain in this classification one year following graduation.

If you are interested in joining WAPAC, please fill out the Membership Application.

Once submitted, your membership application form is reviewed by the WAPAC Membership & Recruitment Committee.  Upon approval, you will be sent a written statement of acceptance.